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5 Reasons to Teach Children about Credit

>> Sep 26, 2015

Many adults look back on their lives and regret not knowing more about credit when they were younger. Credit can influence many aspects of life as you get older. Teaching children about this aspect can help them develop a sense of what needs to be done in order to maintain a good score. Educational facilities such as a boot camp for teenagers can help them learn how to keep and maintain good credit. However, it may be your influence that may play the biggest role.
Wood Creek Academy
Buying a Car

One of the most often uses of good credit is buying a car. A credit score can influence just how much money a lender is willing to finance. If the score is terrible, your child could be limited to buying a used car out of the want ads in cash.

Buying a Home

Houses are another one of the most common uses for credit. A house can be an incredible long-term investment. However, a bad credit rating could be problematic when trying to buy the perfect home. Children need to understand the mistakes that are made now can affect their lives years down the road.


Many employers require a background check for credit histories. This is believed to give the business owner an idea of whether or not a person is likely to steal from the company or make poor judgments. While your children may not be thinking of a career today, bad credit can come back to haunt them later.

Credit Cards

A properly managed credit card can open a world of possibilities in the future. Unfortunately, bad credit can stop these possibilities by preventing acceptance to a card holding company. Valuable in an emergency, credit cards can do a great deal of good in the right hands.


Starting a business can be an excellent way to support yourself and the family. A poor credit rating can reduce the amounts lenders are willing to give. In many situations, bad credit can lead to a denial of funds. Instead of building on his or her dreams, your child wouldn't be able to get the cash to start his or her own company.

There are many parts of life that you need to teach your child before he or she moves out on their own. There are places where children can learn about credit and a wide range of other skills, such as at the Wood Creek Academy. Helping children grow and develop includes everything from setting a good example to ensuring a good education.

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siuplug October 2, 2015 at 10:19 AM  

sekarang mah semua2nya pake credit, even buy a gadget

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