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Teachergive Sale 2023

Fun Games and Activities to Do with Your Child

>> Sep 7, 2015

The creative adult is the child who survived, and if you want to make sure that your kid grows up to be just like that, you will have to spend a lot of time playing and having fun. Though, make sure that you pick out entertaining and amusing things to do, otherwise your kid might feel like it is a chore, and it could quickly becoming boring.

Make something together
Kids love nothing more than to explore their surroundings and to find out what is what in this world. If you manage to pick out a DIY project you guys can do together, it will be great. Not only will you be able to have fun, but, you will also spend some quality time together. Do not forget that it is a valuable moment to use for teaching something new, and, who knows, you might even learn a thing or two.

Go on a treasure hunt
Following a treasure map is always fun, especially when it has a big red X on it somewhere. Just make sure that it is easy to find the hidden treasure. The possibilities for an alternative treasure hunt are endless, and you can easily combine various elements from other games as well. Your imagination will be your only hindrance, but, make sure that the clues are easily deciphered, as kids cannot follow adult logic all the time.

Pretend to be a pirate
Yar! Pretending to be a pirate can be a lot of fun, and even more so if you manage to build a fort or a ship. Do not forget the loot you will have to burry somewhere, and a map, because no pirate is complete without a map they can follow back to their treasure. Of course, you will be the captain, and you will have the duty to train junior pirates. If you are clever, you can sneak into a few chores as well.

Cooking up something tasty
Teaching your children a valuable lesson in life does not always have to be in a form of a lecture. You can enjoy baking something with your kids, and, if they become really good at it, they might even take the next step towards creating something more amazing. Nevertheless, a simple baking project can never hurt, and it will allow for some time to be spent together. Furthermore, down the road, it is also possible that your kids can teach you how to add more flavor.

Letting out some steamFun games and activities to do with your child by bigfun.com.au
Fighting is never the answer, unless you are doing it in a sumo suit! This getup will enable for some harmless fun, and a way to secretly let out some pressure. Moreover, it will give your kids a chance to try and tackle you, without any repercussions, but only within the limits of the game. Expanding the game if you have a big enough family, or inviting friends over, can turn it into a tournament, making it even more fun for everyone participating.

Let your children choose something too
Some games will be more likeable by a parent, which is understandable, but, you should let your kid choose once in a while as well. You will give them an opportunity to be equal, so that they can feel important as well. Though, always have a list of games and activities you can do together, so that they can have a choice in it, and that you do not have trouble coming up with new ones. Though, make sure that you have the necessary materials for your next fun session.

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