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Is Floor Heating In Melbourne Safe For Use Around Pets?

>> Sep 18, 2015

Whilst we all know that floor heating in Melbourne can provide our homes with a luxurious level of warmth, those of us with pets might be wondering whether such a system is safe for our animal companions. After all, our pets are often much closer to the floor than we are and they’re much smaller than us, so it’s understandable that you would want to consider their safety. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place for getting information.

In short, it is perfectly safe to install floor heating in Melbourne homes that have pets. Instead, it becomes more of a question of whether they will enjoy the heating or not. Like people, animals have their own personalities – what some like, others may hate. There are some indications, however, that can give you an idea of how much your pet is going to like this system. We have outlined some of these indications in the list below:

·         Type
The type of pet that you own will actually play a large role in whether they enjoy this form of heating or not. Cats are notorious for finding the warmest spots to curl up in – they will love these sorts of systems. Most dogs will enjoy the warmth; however, it is recommended that you leave a cool spot for them to lie if they decide they’re getting too hot. Dwarf rabbits, on the other hand, might find it too warm.

·         Breed
The breed of your pet can also play a role in whether they will like floor heating or not. Animals with long or thick hair might find that they get too hot – as mentioned above, it’s recommended that you leave a cool spot for these pets. Animals with very thin or even no hair will probably enjoy these systems the most, as they often struggle to stay warm during the winter and need all the help they can get.

·         Age
The age of your pet will also play a role in how much they like this form of heating. Those that are getting on in years are likely to feel the cold, just like an elderly human, so they will probably appreciate warm floors to curl up on. Those that are quite young are also prone to feeling the cold, just like a newborn human, so they will also appreciate the warmth. Young pets, on the other hand, may find it too warm.

·         Climate
Where you live can also play a role in how suitable this heating will be for your pets. If you live in a climate that experiences freezing cold winters, animals will be thankful for any additional warmth. If you live in a climate that doesn’t get overly cold during the winter, you’ll probably find that your pet’s coat is enough to keep it warm. They might find that the system makes them feel uncomfortable.

We hope that the information provided above has given you some idea of whether floor heating in Melbourne will help your pets enjoy winter or whether it will just make them uncomfortable. Even so, it’s important that you select a system based on its suitability for the whole family and the home, not just your animal companions. If they aren’t overly wrapped in your choice of heating, there are ways to make them more comfortable.

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