Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Taobao, a Shopping Company from China

>> Sep 4, 2015

Taobao is an online shopping company specialized in shipping products from China. Specialized merchants can sell their products through Taobao or directly from the source of China.

Buying clothes, jewelry and chinese products at the right price
China is known as the world factory for clothes, electonic devices and industrial equipments.

With the decrease of oil prices and the ability to find out more and more product and services in China, many customers and companies get supplies directly from China forwarding. Many products can be bought at a very competitive price such as :
  • Electronic devices
  • Computer equipments such as workstations, deskptop, laptop or tablets
  • Mobile phones and associated equipments (headset...)
  • Printers, scanners...
  •  Clothes for men, women and children
  • House equipments such as lights, jewelry..
All the goods sold through Taobao or directly from Chinese suppliers are UE certified and fully compatible with safety rules applied throughout Europe.
Wholesale for professionals and companies
Companies and entrepreneurs can buy or purchase goods and products through Taobao or directly from Chinese suppliers as  taobao
. This will decrease the overal pricing dramatically and will increase the business profitability.

Each company of professional can setup their account in order to be automatically directed to the right furnisher.

Many items and goods accessible through the WebSite
Many items, goods and product are proposed on the website for the visitors. A secured connection to the shopping session allows the visitor to validate the transaction. Many different credit cards are authorized in order to validate the purchase, while the interface can be in Chinese or English.

Items can be added or removed in the shopping basket anytime while the customer is looking for products or items. According to the amount of goods purchased, discount can be applied.

Success stories and customer feedback online
Many customers let their feedback on the website of 7jo.com with in order to inform their opinion. Many success stories and positive comments are thus available only, containing some tips or recommendations for potential buyers. These comments and feedback are available in english and chinese, so the potential buyers can review these feedback prior to any purchase.

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