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A Childproof Bathroom for an Injury Free Child

>> Sep 12, 2015

Being a parent is one of the greatest privileges there are but also a great responsibility. Because in its early childhood, your beloved offspring is unable to take care of itself, it is your duty to assume a very important role of its protector. According to some, this period of life doesn’t last long while others claim that it never really ends. Be as it may, it is a fact that your child is by far the most vulnerable in its earliest childhood.

There are many hazards in your home just waiting for their chance to strike. This is why, you need to be extra careful. As always, the best solution is preventing an accident before it even happens. Apart from the kitchen, bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms for your child, with many potential ways in which it can get injured. With this in mind, it is always smart to childproof your bathroom. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do so effectively.A Childproof Bathroom for an Injury Free Child by pipeperfection.com.au

Never let your child enter the bathroom alone
If you have a small child, you never want to leave it alone in a bathroom. This is why, you need to always accompany it when it needs to go there. Still, children are curious, it’s just the way things are, and they like to explore. For this reason alone you need to prevent them from entering the bathroom on their own by childproofing the door. The most efficient way to do this is to protect the door knob with a knob lock, which is quite easy for you to use but difficult for your child to figure out.

Take care of the dangerous details
There are some major dangers for your child that are easy to spot and address, still, not every danger is as transparent. Make sure that you pinpoint every sharp and dangerous object in the bathroom and put it someplace safe. Razors, scissors and nail clippers, belong in a locked cabinet or someplace high, far out of your child’s reach. This is also where you need to be extra careful since it is enough for you to leave them out just once for all hell to break loose. Devise a mental game a habit or a technique that will always remind you to check every single of these things before you leave the bathroom.A Childproof Bathroom for an Injury Free Child by pipeperfection.com.au

Not only sharp can hurt
Remember, not only sharp things can pose a danger for your child. Leaving fan or some similar electric devices on will cause them to overheat. This can bring to some pretty nasty burns which at that stage in their life may seem like the end of the world for both child and a new parent. Any medication, vitamins or other supplements should be out of the child’s reach as well. Even some of the most harmless compounds can act differently when consumed by such a tiny organism. Better be safe than sorry.

Utilize your bathroom
Another significant problem can be caused by the fact that your bathroom is, naturally, usually designed for adults. This doesn’t mean that you child cannot use it, only that it can be quite inconvenient for both of you. Luckily, there is a solution. Some bath tubs are designed for young children specifically. Their use, makes every bathing-time your child takes quite more convenient as well as far, far less frustrating.

There are of course some other, as efficient ways of further utilizing your bathroom and transforming it into a genuine childproof haven. For example, you can always add a nonslip rubber mat in the bathtub in order to make it significantly safer. This nonslip mat is a great idea even outside of the tub since tiles get slippery quite easy. Make sure to contact plumbers from Sydney and make your bathroom safe and hazardless.A Childproof Bathroom for an Injury Free Child by pipeperfection.com.au

Additional advice or two
Try to teach your child that, although fun, taking a bath is a thing to be taken seriously. Encourage your youngster to be still and not to fool around in the bathroom. As behavioral psychology teaches us, young children respond best to teaching on example so always have this in mind. Another thing, but perhaps even more vital is that you should never leave your child alone in the bathroom, not even for a second. Regardless of how important phone call you expect or who might be at the door, it can never be more important than your child’s safety.

Like anything that is worth in life, keeping your child safe is not an easy task. Still, on this quest, any step you take can never be considered as too small. So in order to make your bathroom safe, secure the door, take care of some dangerous details, utilize bathroom elements and remember to always keep both eyes wide open.

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