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CC: Honesty is the Best Policy

>> Mar 4, 2010

I totally agree with this. In my family, like most other families, I was raised to always speak honestly; and it still continues until now.

Honesty in a relationship of a married couple is very important. It will determine the quality of your relationship. I believe that whenever there is honesty; the trust will also be there.

To maintain a harmonic marriage, a married couple should apply open communication. It includes being honest one another and not keeping secret. I and my hubby have no secrets. I know his past and either does he. We can discuss about everything.

In our daily marriage life, I always try to express my feeling and tell the truth. My hubby said that he always speaks to me honestly as well because he doesn’t have the heart to lie to me, hehehe.

Being honest with each other will make your marriage life happier, because once you tell a lie, you have to cover it with more other lies. I don’t want to have a life which full of lies…

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