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CC: Sacrifices for Loved Ones

>> Mar 25, 2010

Being a youngest and the only daughter in my family, I feel that my life is full of sacrifices. I dedicate my life to my loved ones. I’ve never thought to achieve my own dreams.

Since my mother was seriously ill, I knew that my life was changed. I had to accompany and took care of her. I’ve ever worked for years, but I’ve never dreamed of a good career.

After she passed away in 1999, I stayed at home with my father. My three other brothers stay in different towns with their own families. I realize (again) that I have to accompany my father. I can’t leave him to pursue my own dream. When I introduced my hubby (now) to my father, he straightly said that he didn’t want me to be bring out of home. I was grateful that my hubby can understand the condition and we stay together at the same house until now.

I’m also a stay at home
woman; but for me, it isn’t a sacrifice, because I myself made the decision. I prefer to have my time flexible. If we’re sincere, we will feel pleased with our sacrifices

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