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SpellQuizzer : Review and GIVEAWAY!

>> Mar 22, 2010

First of all, it isn’t a paid post. A few days ago, I received an offer to review SpellQuizzer. Having not known at all SpellQuizzer before, I visited the site and watched some video of demonstrations there; and then I was interested!

Dan of SpellQuizzer gave me a free download to review, so, I wrote my own experience here. It’s a pity that I haven’t got a chance yet to try this spelling software with my nephew. Let me introduce it first. SpellQuizzer is a
spelling program that was developed to help your children learn their spelling and vocabulary words. The basic principle of this spelling program is that the spelling words are recorded and played back to your child along with a written clue about the word.

Here how it works :

Create your own list. You can type in the spelling words and then you record yourself saying the words. One nice feature is that there is a built in spellchecker that recognizes both US and UK English spellings. It warns you if you enter a word that appears to be spelled incorrectly. With this feature, you can let your children create their own spelling lists guided by the curriculum they are working on.
Once the list is ready, let your child go forward and start the quiz. Your child listens to the word and types the word in. You can also type in a written clue. If your child misses the word, he/she will see the word displayed correctly. Your child has another chance to retry the word missed at the end. Well, this program can also increase your child’s typing skills, right?

SpellQuizzer has prerecorded downloadable spelling lists available on their site. You can also easily import and export spelling lists to share with other SpellQuizzer users.

Are you a home school parent? On their site there is a special page that is directed entirely to homeschoolers. Click here to go to the special page. The import/export feature also makes it easy for home school groups to share their lists without everyone has to record their own lists individually.

My opinion :

  • It’s easy-to-use spelling software. Installation is so simple and the directions are straight forward and easy to follow.

  • If you’ve just known the program, like I do, you can see some video demonstrations, such as how to create a spelling list, click here. For me, it’s a good introduction and presentation.

  • It’s not only good for children. Since English isn’t my own language, I also use it to increase my spelling skill on difficult words.

  • You should try this spelling software. You can download a free trial version here for 30 days. Isn’t it great?

  • For recording, you need a microphone. There’s no need to buy an expensive microphone, the inexpensive models have usually produced suitable recordings. If a problem with audio recordings is encountered, click here for turning Microphone Boost on.
You can purchase a download of SpellQuizzer Spelling Software for $29.95 and is offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Do you want it for FREE? I have the good news for you, SpellQuizzer is generously offering a Giveaway- a free SpellQuizzer license- for a WINNER!

It’s GIVEAWAY TIME ! And It’s easy, just LEAVE A COMMENT in this post. OPEN TO EVERYONE. The contest is open for only seven days. The contest ends on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010, 11.59 pm (WIB- Indonesian Time).

On Wednesday, March 31st, 2010, I will select and announce ONE WINNER by using an automated number generator. LEAVE A COMMENT HERE- one person for one number- so you have a chance to be a SpellQuizzer WINNER!

Versi Indonesia :

SpellQuizzer adalah software untuk belajar mengeja dan meningkatkan perbendaharaan kata-kata bahasa Inggris. Kalau mau mencoba, bisa download gratis versi TRIAL untuk 30 hari, klik here. Software untuk belajar bahasa Inggris yang bagus, kan?
Tertarik untuk mendapatkan software ini (kalau beli $29.95) secara GRATIS? Ayo bergabung, caranya mudah, tinggalkan komentar di sini dan Anda berpeluang sebagai PEMENANG. Satu orang-satu komentar-satu nomor. Kontes ini hanya berlangsung 7 hari, ditutup hari SELASA, 30 Maret 2010, jam 23.59. Seorang pemenang akan diundi dan diumumkan hari RABU, 31 Maret 2010.

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