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CC : Bedtime Habits

>> Mar 17, 2010

As Mommy Liz said, this week’s couple’s corner is about the routine that couples do before going to sleep beside their spouses. I guess each couple has their own bedtime habits. What about ours?

We have the same and different preferences. We both like wearing T-shirt and comfortable short pants; and we can only sleep if the light is off. If we aren’t sleepy yet, we usually watch TV news program before. We seldom sleep early; most of the times we sleep after midnight.

I always wear my blanket and I like my thin pillow. Hubby doesn’t like using blanket and his pillow is a thick one.

We have our special habit. After saying a prayer, we always end the day by forgiving each other. Because of this, we’ve never ended our days in bad feelings. We usually start to sleep by holding hands. But after a while, we continue sleeping with our own styles. I sleep on my back; and my hubby like to sleep on the right side of his body.

It’s my story. Do you want to know other’s bedtime habits? Visit and join us at
Couple's Corner.

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