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Make Your Child Fall in Love with School!

>> Mar 7, 2010

One of parent’s big tasks is building learning fondness of their child. Learning to love school is all about learning to love LEARNING. It can become a tough job, because not all children are born scholars, some of them need a little extra push in this direction. Teachers can only do so much in school – it is parents who must make the child eager to go there to begin with. If you have a child that has laziness to go to school, I found the article that may help you. Let’s continue…

Some children just can't seem to enjoy going to school even with much encouragement from their
parents. Most children enjoy their first time in school, but after a while, due to some factors, they begin to hate it and they drift not only from their initial interest but also from interacting with schoolmates and teachers.
While some children suffer a phobia of going to school because of traumatic experiences, others are simply not interested. One of the many reasons why youngsters hate school is because some of their family members may have expressed their own hate of going to school. It can influence a child's thinking if it is often expressed and absorbed by the child.

So, how to make your child fall in love with school? Check these tips below.
1. One of the key factors is parental encouragement. By letting your children understand the importance of learning at an early age, they'll be looking forward to the day that they'll be able to ride a school bus and enter a classroom.

Introduce your child at a young age to the value of learning through books and playtime to help him/her become interested in school and its many related aspects: teachers, students, socializing, playtime, learning, homework and many others.

2. Become involved in your child's schoolwork such as projects and homework. By showing your child that homework is a fun take-home activity instead of an obligation, he/she will develop a positive mindset. It is also advisable to let your child learn from you instead of just learning from school.

Develop an enjoyable way of interacting and educating your child by asking them about their current lessons in math, history, English and science. You can then incorporate a fun weekend activity that corresponds to their latest lessons such as going to museums, planetariums, plays or just by watching an educational video from the internet.

3. Some
children may have problems with only one subject at school, but the effects can sometimes be too negative for them that they tend to hate school in general. For example, if your child only has a problem with Math, but he/she does well in other subject, you can incorporate the fun into Math by doing fun and enjoyable activities with him/her.

One fun activity is by letting your child calculate your grocery list and having it compared with the actual prices of items when you take your child to the supermarket with you. Let him/her learn the equations in a realistic and practical way rather than setting up a classroom environment at home. This could only deter your child from learning and appreciating math.

4. Preparing your children even before they enter a classroom can help him/her develop an appreciation for learning. Educational games such as scrabble and children's Sudoku are fun and enjoyable especially during summer. Monopoly, chess and other board games can help your child sharpen his/her mind even on a vacation.

5. Schools and teachers should adapt the rewards system where they give rewards to school children if they are able to top a quiz or exam, if they've won an academic contest or joined curricular activities at school. The rewards system encourages children to study more and become focused on their lessons with a promise of something that is worth earning.

Well, parents, try to apply these ways. Children can be taught of the basics of learning at home. By being a positive and encouraging parent, you are giving your child an example that he/she should follow. The home is where it all begins and your child should love school and learning even before his/her first day at school.

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