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CC : Our Days at Work

>> Apr 22, 2010

According to Liz, the meaning of this topic is: When we are with our husbands, do we talk about what happened to our day? I’ m a stay at home wife and my husband works at a small restaurant that belongs to my brother in-law. His family is very close each other and they are running some businesses.

I don’t meet my husband every day. The restaurant is close at 11pm every night; and it takes about one hour on the way back home. It will be very exhausted if he has to do it every day; so he spends the night at the restaurant and comes home every three days.

I’m a kind of wife that doesn’t want to bother my husband with my domestic problems. When he is at his work place; I’ve just sent him messages -questioning his condition that day- by cell phone. We are talking by phone only if he calls me first; usually after midnight; before going to sleep. I’ve never told my problems; unless he asks me earlier. I know he’s already tired; so I don’t want to burden him.

The same thing happen when he goes back home. We’re just talking about our days if he starts it first. Actually, he always asks my opinion before making any decision or if he faces some trouble at work; even if they (my husband with my in-laws) are close, the conflicts are still possibly happen!

If the time is right; we can talk almost everything about our days. There’s no secret between us. Well, it’s my story. Don’t hesitate to visit CC if you want to read other’s stories.

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