Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Make Your Home a Child Proof Home

>> Apr 1, 2010

Dear parents, of course, you want your home to be a safe place for your child. But have you known that accidents at home often happen to children that normally move very actively? Independent Research Institute of USA, in 2008, records that there are 15,000 accidents cases that children experienced at their own home. A house becomes the second place where accidents happen after roads and vehicles.

The cause of accident at home is arranging and choosing furniture and room design that less pay attention to child safety factor. Whereas, children move and play everywhere, so that they are in high risk to get an accident, like struck down by television, stick in cables, get a shock from electricity, or bump into sharp and pointed angles of furniture. Don’t worry, with a little care, many incidents can be prevented.

First, you should increase your knowledge on how to baby proof your home by reading child safety tips. And then you can decide what proper baby proofing products that you need to apply at home. Finding baby proofing products can be so difficult if you don’t know KidSafe.

With KidSafe, you’ll get what you need because they offer a wide variety of the highest quality child safety products (more than thirty categories). For my home (once I’ve my baby), I really need to install
Baby Gates and Child Safety Locks. If you’re looking for other products, they also have Corner Cushions, Outlet Covers, TV Guards, Door Locks, Appliance Locks, Window Guards and much more.

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gak mutu April 1, 2010 at 10:36 PM  

Keadaan rumah memang bisa dijadikan sebagai media belajar bagi si kecil ... tapi mesti dengan pengawasan tentunya ....

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