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CC : When We Watch Movies Together

>> Apr 15, 2010

Watching movies together can become very enjoyable activities for couples. For me, it’s also a good way to ease stress. We seldom go to the cinema for watching movies together; the last movie that we saw was 2012. Most often we rent or buy DVD and watch it in our bed room; or just watch movies that shown on television.

We like watching movies; but we have different preference. I like animation, fantasy and sci-fi movies; but hubby less like it. When I saw Harry Potter or Star Wars, he said,”It’s too impossible!” Of course it’s impossible; but it’s very interesting…

I’m so glad that hubby doesn’t like bloody and horror movies (makes me can't sleep). That kind of movies that I avoid to watch! Movies that we can watch together are action, suspense, and comedy. He is a huge fan of Steven Seagal movies; but I’m not. I like his Aikido moves; but for me, he isn’t a good actor. His face looks always the same, whether he acts for sad, happy or angry scene. But we love Jet Li and Jacky Chan movies; we always watch all their movies together; so fun…

While watching movies; hubby often annoys me with questions. He can’t read the subtitle fast; so he misses it often. Sometimes I have to read aloud the subtitle for him….pheww….

Have you watched Prison Break the series? We are addicted to Prison Break! It’s the only one movie series that we adore together. I actually also want to collect Heroes the series; but he doesn’t like it. Perhaps I’ll buy it later and watch it alone.

Watching movies with our spouse should be a fun activity that makes you closer each other. My advice, pick only movies that you can enjoy together; unless you want to sacrifice, hahaha.

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