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CC: I will Do It Tomorrow

>> Oct 28, 2010

How many times do your hear an answer,”Okay, I will do it tomorrow” from your spouse? I hear it often from my hubby, hahaha.

“I will do it tomorrow” or “I will do it later” has become my hubby’s habit. Sometimes I just let it; but when it comes to urgent things, I must remind him often, before it’s getting worse. If you have the leak in pipe at home, it can’t wait until tomorrow, right? When it comes to urgent things, he seldom says, “I’ll do it later”. He usually fixes the problem right away.

In our early years of marriage, this attitude can make me so annoyed. But it’s not anymore now. I guess like other wives, I get used to it. Though it’s not as often as him, sometimes, I say that as well. So, both of us, do the same ‘mistake’; if it can be assumed as one of our daily mistakes.

I think as long as we can decide the priority of things that happen in our marriage life, it would be all right if we postpone do something, as there’s more important thing that needs to be done first.

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