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CC : Annoying NOs in Our Marriage

>> Oct 21, 2010

Whether you a wife or a husband, I guess you ever experience these annoying NOs from your spouse.

Let my hubby first. I’ve ever mentioned about it several times at my Couple’s Corner previous posts. My hubby forbids me going out alone. Sometimes it’s really annoying me. He keeps saying NO every time I tell him that I want to go some where; and I don’t like waiting for him until he comes home from work, as he often arrives at home very late at night. There’s no open place anymore.

Though I have promised that I’ll be very careful, he keeps saying NO. In fact, I don’t disagree with his reason of not allowing me. He said that he is afraid of some men will flirt with me. Does it mean he really protects me or just his jealousy?

I really want to take pictures of some interesting events in my city. Because of this forbidden, sometimes I miss the event, when he’s too busy to accompany me.

My hubby is a smoker. My dream is to see him quit smoking. I have asked him several times, but he’s seldom said something, and keeps smoking until now. It bothers me a lot. He doesn’t say NO, but for me, it’s the most annoying NO from him. I avoid forcing him, as I prefer to give him explanation and my arguments. But it hasn’t been successful yet. He’s ever answered once, “I want to stop, but it’s very hard”. Sigh.

What about my NOs? When we’re going shopping to a mall or hypermarket, it can happen a little argument. My hubby isn’t a frugal buyer; his shopping behavior more tends to be spontaneous buying. I often say NO. “No, we still have much of this”, “No, we still don’t need it”, “No, it’s not in our list”, “No, it’s too expensive for our budget”, etc. But when we’re going shopping to a flea market, I never say NO, I let him totally. And most of the times, I just wait in the car, hehehe.

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