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Black Marble Angle Fish

>> Oct 30, 2010

It’s a beautiful name for fish, right? We have several angle fish in our fresh water aquarium. Sorry for unclear photo, I still need more learn and practice, hehehe. I love seeing their movements in the water, so graceful.

I share here a little more information about this fish (source: petpig.com). Angel Fish are named after their calming and graceful motions. Their body, if seen from the side, looks like a broad arrowhead. Their dorsal fins are long and narrow, and they have little pectoral fins. Marble Angel Fish get their name from the marbled spots of silver, black and white on their scales.

The Marble Angel Fish is one of the most good-looking freshwater fish available. Their delicate fins and slim, flat body are very nice to look at. Don’t you agree? They have good temperament. If raised in a community tank/aquarium, the Marble Angel will accept other fish well. If you put into your aquarium at a mature age, Marble Angels will try to dominate smaller fish. This may effect in fighting and injuries. However, the Marble Angel Fish will seldom kill another fish. So, buy the younger ones!

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