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Is Your Child Shy (2)?

>> Oct 11, 2010

This post is the continuance of the previous one. If based on the result, you are sure your child is shy; you should handle it right away. One thing that parents should remember is, don’t use your child’s shyness to give her/him the negative label ‘a shy kid’; as it can hurt your child’s feeling and mind. By the way, I’ve ever posted an article that described the bad effects of negative labeling to your child.

Some parents feel that it's important to accept and understand a shy child the way she is. Others may focus more on teaching a child to interrelate more comfortably in social situations. Ultimately, it's finest to merge support with encouragement. "The goal is not to eliminate shyness but to help the child works within his own personality to do the things he wants to do," Markway (author of Nurturing the Shy Child) says.

Here is some general guidance that you can apply to help your child face her/his shyness.

1. Whenever she stays away from other children, talk with her kindly and assist her become friends with the other children.
2. Do not let her cry. Try to familiarize her with the situations she is afraid of. For example, if she is afraid of a dog, go and caress that dog.
3. Do not force her to talk or face the situations she is scared of. For example, when you have guests, do not make she stays with the guests if your child is afraid of strangers.
4. Praise her when she can overcome her shyness. It is very essential that your child is self-confident. Don’t speak in your child’s name and teach her to take care of herself.
5. Try to build up your child’s qualities. It will help her getting more self-belief in herself and then conquer the shyness.
6. Seek advice from a specialist or a doctor if you feel you need more help.

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