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Is Your Child Shy?

>> Oct 4, 2010

Every child has their own unique character. Some are brave and friendly. Others are fearful and hesitant to getting into contact with strangers. In fact, shyness can be inherited; but an improper education can make your child shy as well.

Is your child shy?

Your child can grow to be shy even at the age of three. His behavior with his family, friends and strangers is the best way to know whether he is shy or not. If you agree with more than four of the statements written below, there is a ninety percent possibility that your child is shy.

1. Your child sticks to you every time you chat with other adults or when you visit other’s home.
2. He becomes worried when you or any other people for whom he deeply cares, such as their grandparents, are missing.
3. He seldom speaks and uses simple words.
4. Your child starts crying easily when you discipline him.
5. He asks you to solve his problems.
6. He doesn’t make friends and he finds it difficult to start a game or a conversation with other children. Therefore, he prefers playing with younger children that he feels in control of the situation.
7. Your child is afraid of objects and situations of which most children are normally not afraid, such as animals, insects, storms, and highness.
8. He wakes up many times during the night.

Well, how’s the result? If your child is shy, you need to read the continuance of this post.

Source: www.essortment.com
Image source : the-parenting-magazine.com

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