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How to Create a Good Relationship – Ways to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Relationship

>> Mar 23, 2011

Creating an almost perfect relationship is also an almost impossible task to do. Especially if you’re still a newbie in the game called “Love”. This is just like any other game, with different levels (easy, normal, hard, and impossible). You’ll level up through experience. Not from monsters and quests, but from trials and errors.

Guidelines to a Good RelationshipThe good thing is just like other games, it also have some “Cheats”. We can obtain high level relationship with this cheats. These cheats are hidden through these tips:

Being selfish is forbidden.You must see your relationship as an opportunity to give rather than to receive. You should treat your partner as your Queen or King. Help them with all your heart. Don’t hesitate to lend your hands.

Changes are part of your relationship.You can’t take away the possibility that your partner will ask you to change something. Be open for changes, because these changes can improve your relationship. But be sure that these changes are meant for improvement and not for personal reasons only.

Listening is essential.This is one of the basic problems in the relationship. Its either one of you doesn’t want to listen or both of you don’t want to do it. You should listen to each and every thing that he/she wants to tell. And please, listen carefully. For these are the clues to know what he/she wants and doesn’t want.

Share Secrets.Be open to each other. Share your confidential secrets, and especially the secrets that are related to your relationship. Don’t be shy to let him/her know your secrets. Sharing secret to a person is a simple way of saying that you trust him/her. Tell him/her whenever you’re mad, scared, lonely, happy and in trouble. Just say everything to your partner, and you’re relationship won’t be wrong.

Keep your promises.
Promises are not meant to be broken. You should try your best to keep those promises. Don’t let him/her to be disappointed. If you can’t keep your promises, he/she won’t trust you anymore. You will lose your integrity.

Don’t ever cheat.Seeing someone else without his/her knowledge is an obvious crime of being unfaithful. You won’t gain anything with cheating. The only victim if you’ll ever cheat is yourself, because in the end, you will recognize your mistakes and it will be late for any reconciliation.

Be supportive.
Support every right decision that he/she will make. Don’t ever tell him/her what to do. Just give some advice.

Admit your mistakes.If you ever commit a mistake, have the courage to admit it. Don’t push that you’re always right. This is also one of the basics in a relationship. Admit mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Have a limitation for you to never commit the same mistake again and again.

And last, Sacrifice.This is the most important tip that I can give you. I you really love him/her you won’t think twice to sacrifice for her. Love is full of sacrifices and respect. You both won’t last if you’ll just gain, try to give more of yourself to him/her.

You can’t go wrong if you just do these things. These can guide you both for a good relationship that has the strong foundation to last for a lifetime. Every one like a perfect relationship but not all people can get it. Love your partner as if there’s no tomorrow. Good luck!

Author’s Bio:
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