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CC: Back In Each Others Arms

>> Mar 24, 2011

In my previous post, I said that I protested my father by not talking to him. But I still communicated by leaving him a note. Every time I went out of home, I always wrote a note first.

My father knew that I refused talking to him and he also never started a communication. Perhaps he thought that it’s better for us; to cool down. I called my three brothers and told them the real situation. Since they assumed Rofi as a good person, they didn’t mind that I had a serious relationship with Rofi. They said that as long as Rofi loves me deeply, they will allow us.

I also invited Rofi to visit my eldest brother in another town. My brothers lived in different towns; I can’t take him to visit all of my brothers (at least he can meet one of them). I was so glad that my eldest brother was so welcoming to Rofi. At that time, I needed their supports. I wrote a long letter to my father that described all my feelings. On the letter, I said that I always love my father and his blessing was very important for me. My father read the letter; but he still didn’t show any response.

This condition was continuing until Eid ul-Fitr holidays and celebration in 2001; it’s about three months ahead. My two brothers and their families can come to celebrate together. There’s a tradition that during Eid ul-Fitr, people will forgive each other. We’ll also do the tradition here, at my father’s home.

My father sit on a chair, and we, his children and grandkids, will approach to kiss his hand and forgive each other. When it came to my turn, I said that I wanted him to forgive all my mistakes. Suddenly, my father cried. He said that he actually blessed our relationship; but he also wanted to test Rofi. My father said that Rofi passed the test as he still kept our relationship and didn’t leave me. My father admitted that he was angry as he felt shocked at that time. In his mind, Rofi wanted to take me from him and leave my father alone.

It’s my first time to see my father’s crying. We hugged each other. Many thanks I conveyed to my father for his blessing. I saw that all my SILs were also crying, like me. What a touched moment. I called Rofi to inform this good news (he was in his hometown). We were very thankful to God for giving us the best solution.

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