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Teachergive Sale 2023

It’s About One Thing for Two

>> Mar 7, 2011

This Sunday is a busy one for me and my husband. On Saturday, I have dinner with my husband, his youngest sister and nieces. On Sunday, we have two family events that we should attend. First, a family gathering (from my father’s side) that held every two months. Second, suddenly in the morning, my BIL called my husband to inform that the big family (about 14 people) wanted to come and try fishing at the fishing place that we used to visit.

Since they still don’t know the way to reach the place, my BIL asked my husband to take them and guide the way. At the same time, we must attend the family gathering. So, we decide to take my husband’s big family first and dropped them at the fishing place. Then we went hurriedly to the family gathering place. The traffic jam made us more late arriving there.

As we’re so starving, straightly we had our late lunch. Surprisingly, I was offered to attain the ‘arisan’ money this turn. For your information, ‘arisan’ is a regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money. It’s a nice surprise, really. Next family fathering will be held in our home! It’s a pity that I share no pictures here, all my captures are blurry. After two hours at the relative’s house, we went back to the fishing place to accompany them. We left the place at dusk time, before the night fell.

Another thing about ‘one thing for two’ is one seat for two. My husband captured these girls; riding a bike in unusual way. It’s really one seat for two. It’s very interesting to see, right? The girl behind can keep her balance well.

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