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CC: When I thought It was Over

>> Mar 10, 2011

When we’re still boy friend and girl friend, I’ve ever had this feeling. I thought that this relationship would be over. I forget the exact day, but it’s the time when we (I and Rofi) talked to my father that we’re serious with our relationship and we wanted to unite in a marriage bond.

Do you know what happened later after my father heard his statement? My father became so angry! Very angry. Lots of words with high tones must we accepted that night. I’ve never guessed before that my father would react like that.

I felt so hopeless. I’m a kind of daughter that doesn’t dare to disagree with my father’s wish. After that moment, I asked Rofi what we should do. He calmed me by saying that his feeling for me wouldn’t change. He told me that we must be more patient and waited for better condition. He said that he won’t come to my house for a while. I agreed with him. I didn’t want to make my father more upset. I remembered that I cried like a river that night.

Well, I’ve shared this sad moment. What about your story?

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