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Why Should You and Shouldn’t Spy On Your Children – Pros and Cons of Spying Your Siblings

>> Mar 11, 2011

From the beginning of their life, children now a day are being exposed to earthly sins. Parents can’t do anything but to be strict on their siblings, because they think that this is the only way to protect their kids from the harsh environments and even from themselves. They’re pushed to set some limitation that may attack their own children’s private lives.

Beyond those caring and monitoring stuffs, I’m just thinking. Do the parents also know that they have their own set of limitations too? Did they think about the possible consequences of their action? I’m not saying that monitoring them is wrong, but it must have concrete reasoning on why to do such an action.

Reasons on why should parents spy on their children.It’s a parent’s responsibility to love, support, care, and protect their children. And the main reason why parents are forced to spy on their children is the responsibility to protect them. Checking their phones, monitoring the internet sites that they’re visiting, tracking them via GPS device, and even monitoring their daily school activities, these are some of the hundred methods that parents might be using on protecting their kids. We can’t blame them for doing those actions that can be considered as spying, because children are on a ruthless world of crimes and addictions. They are just being protective to their siblings. And they have reasons to do so, such as.

Low – grades from school 

This is the first possible evidence that you’re children are doing something fishy beyond the school bushes. Their low – grades doesn’t always mean that they have a low IQ. There’s the possibility of distraction. There are the illegal gambling, drug addiction, immature drinking, and other bad influences that can push your teens to cut classes and to absent without your consent. This is one of the primary reasons why parents are drive to spy on their kids.

Secretly Behavior
Knowing that teens are good pretenders, parents are having a hard time to observe if there’s something wrong with their kids or their hiding something from them. But once you talk to them seriously, as if you know something, they will show some signs that there’s something going on. Be attentive to their actions. Teens that are hiding something tend to be more stressed and stiff, another reason why parents are insisting to talk to them and investigate.

Mood Change
Adolescents are more accurate that adults in case of mood. They are more stable and satisfy. But if you notice some extreme changes with their usual moods, be suspicious, try to talk to them even though you know that it is almost impossible for them to tell it to you. Adolescents are more open to their friends rather than to their family.

Excessive hunger for money 

They may ask you for money more frequent than usual but you’re not aware on how they spend that amount. This is another sign that your children are being amused to something. If it’s for dresses, gaming console, and other “teen must have” items, it’s fine. But if you can’t see any receipt from a department store or even a super market, now there’s a reason for you to be aware. There’s always a possibility of buying an illegal product. I’m not talking about pirated DVDs and Blue Ray CDs, I’m talking about drugs.

Reasons on why you shouldn’t be spying of them
Yes, we all know about the fact that parents have the privilege to monitor their children. They don’t want their children to get hurt, to commit mistakes, to suffer from those mistakes, and even to get low – grades. Those are parts of parenting. But there’s the downside of those part. Some parents don’t notice that they’re now breaking through the boundary of caring and intrusion. These are some of the downfalls of spying your siblings:

Looks like you don’t trust them 

Spying your children without their knowledge is a massive attack to their ego. They will think that you don’t trust them. Trust is the most important spice of a relationship except for love. And with your children knowing that you don’t trust may serve as the spark of a rebellion for them that can cause a much bigger problem.

It will seems that you’re pushing them to be perfect 

Protecting your children from committing mistakes will not entirely benefit you children. If you are so aware in avoiding them to commit mistakes, it will just build a concept in their minds that you’re pushing them too hard to be perfect. We all know that nobody is perfect. And mistakes are part of growing up.

They won’t know the word “Responsibility” 

By spying on them and over protecting them, you’re just teaching them to be dependent and irresponsible. Without giving them enough privacy, they won’t build responsibility and sense of independence within them. Privacy is very essential to their growing process. Spying them will melt their own privacy. And eventually melt their future too.

Spy Gadgets are one of the best tools to monitor and guard your children’s security. But there are also the most dangerous tools to invade their private lives too. As parents, know your limitations. Don’t cross the line. If there’s no problem with them, give them the privacy that they deserve as a symbol of their good work.

Jay Dawber is a writer and a single parent for his three siblings. He is a full time office worker and a part time blog writer about parenting. But besides of his busy schedule, he is searching for a way to supervise his children’s daily activity. And for years of failing, he found a very easy method, and that is to
spy on their phone. And he likes to share it to all parents out there.

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