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Homemaking Jobs

>> Mar 14, 2011

This time I want to share a comic by Lynn Johnston; about Liz and John family. I realize that until now, there are still a few husbands out there that can't see homemaking jobs as valuable works since it has no economical value. Wives do it with love, free of charge, without being paid.

Homemaking is a mainly American term for the management of a home, otherwise known as housework, housekeeping or household management.

This domestic consumption work creates goods and services within a household, such as meals, childcare, household repairs, or the manufacture of clothes and gifts. Common tasks include cleaning, cooking, and looking after children. A person in charge of the homemaking, who isn't employed outside the home, is in the U.S. and Canada often called a homemaker, a gender-neutral term for a housewife or a househusband.


Housekeeping by the homemaker is the care and control of property, ensuring its maintenance and proper use and appearance. Housework is work done by the act of housekeeping. Some housekeeping is housecleaning and some housekeeping is home chores. Home chores are housework that needs to be done at regular intervals.

Housekeeping includes the budget and control of expenditures, preparing meals and buying food, paying the heat bill, and cleaning the house. Outdoor housecleaning chores include removing leaves from rain gutters, washing windows, sweeping doormats, cleaning the pool, putting away lawn furniture, and taking out the trash.

Home and Lawn Maintenance

Home maintenance involves the diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home, and is related to home maintenance to avoid such problems. Many types of maintenance are "Do It Yourself" (DIY) projects. Maintenance is not necessarily the same as home improvement, although many improvements can result from repairs or maintenance.

Homemakers that have a lawn responsibility adhere to seasonal lawn care practices, which vary to some extent depending on the climate zone and type of grass that is grown (whether cool season or warm season varieties).

Household Management

Household management by the homemaker is the act of control the organizational, financial, and day-to-day operations of a house. It differs from housekeeping, which consists of the physical maintenance and cleaning of a house.
Household Purchasing

Household purchasing refers to homemaker's effort to get goods or services to finish the goals of the household. Though there are several households that attempt to set standards in the purchasing process, processes can vary greatly between households. Home makers decide the market goods that the household will buy, such as the groceries which have been bough at a grocer's.

So, husbands, please don’t underestimate homemaking jobs, especially if your wife –the homemaker- is a housewife or stay at home wife. Don’t say something like “I’m tired; I’ve worked all day!” It will hurt your wife’s heart!

For your information, some feminists as well as certain non-feminist economists mention that the monetary contribution of housewives' work to society is still ignored in standard formulations of economic output, such as GDP or employment figures.

I’m a housewife. Thanks to the internet, now I can participate in adding fund to our household income.

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