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CC: I Cried a River

>> Mar 17, 2011

I share the continuing of my last week story: When I thought It was Over. After my father got very angry with us, I remembered that at night, I can’t sleep at all and cried a river for hours. My head and heart was full of negative emotions and minds. It was one sad night at September, 2001.

To answer Liz question, I can say here that we weren’t young couple; both of us were 29 years old. It’s not our age that made my father angry.

I was feeling so sad and hopeless. I missed my mother so much; as she had passed away two years before (in 1999). I knew that my late mother blessed our relationship since she met Rofi in his dream and she gave her blessing to us. After my mother died, there were only two of us at home, me and my father. I promised to myself to always accompany my father. I thought Rofi was the right man for me as he was willing to live with me and my father at the same house.

That’s why I felt so disappointed with my father. Not only disappointed, but also shocked. I didn’t want to confront with my father straightly but I still wanted to state my disagreement with him. I still did the home chores and served food for my father as usual; but I avoid communicating with him. It happened for about three months. Can you imagine how quiet the house was? There were only two of us at home, but we didn’t talk each other. I was in my protest!

For those three months, I still met Rofi once in a while; but we always met outside. He always convinced me that we had a strong love. All we had to do was more patient. I’ll continue this story next week; you’ll know how my father can finally accept our relationship.

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