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The Dos and Don'ts of Planning Your First Date on Valentine’s Day

>> Jan 23, 2012

So you have finally gone ahead and asked out that special someone you have wanted to ask out for ages. Unfortunately, the timing of your first date has been set on none other than Valentine’s Day, and you're not sure what to do. Don't panic, as sometimes these things happen! You are lucky in that this is the day that symbolises love and romance, however there will also be a lot of pressure to make sure the date goes really well and that you express only the perfect amount of romance. Here are a few first date dos and don'ts, specially tailored to fit a Valentine’s Day first date.

Do Make a Thorough Plan

There is nothing worse than a first date that is scattered and directionless. This is your moment to show that you can really step up and take the bull by the horns. When your date sees how everything has been planned right down to the last detail, he or she will be very impressed and pleased that you have put so much thought and effort into making the date fantastic. Please do your best to avoid the dreaded “so, what do you want to do now?” as this will greatly jeopardise the chances of date number two ever happening. This is your chance to show your creative side and break away from the first date doldrums by doing something different to set yourself apart from all the others.

Don't Do Anything Too Cliché

Valentine’s day is one of those days that openly invites over-the-top romance. Normally this could be fun, but generally not on a first date. It may be tricky, but try not to partake in any of the following: an intimate candlelit dinner, bringing your date home to candles and rose petals scattered on your bed, or taking your date out on a horse-drawn carriage. Although these things all have their place in the world of romance, the first date just isn't it. Another good reason to not do anything too crazy this time is that if date number two does happen, you will have to be able to follow up date number one!

Do Bring Flowers and Gifts

It's good to avoid extremes at this stage, but having a bouquet of flowers and another token gift to give your date is absolutely necessary. Valentine’s day flowers are the staple of any good Valentine’s Day date, and will be expected at some point throughout the day. Other gifts such as chocolates, cards or cute toys are also a good idea without being over the top.

Don't Expect to Make Any Big Moves

Even though it's Valentine’s Day, it is still only your first date. Don't scare off or creep out your date by unleashing your inner Casanova too early on in the relationship. It's way more classy to get to know someone before you bust out the big moves, and you and your date will have a chance to enjoy the anticipation of what may come on subsequent dates. It may be difficult to resist getting swept up in Valentine’s day romance, but if you can keep your hands to yourself this night, you will benefit later.

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