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Advantages of Owning a Cat at Home

>> Jan 28, 2012

- Iput, my late cat-

Do you have cats at your home? What's your reason to keep cats as your pets? I like seeing their faces, hearing their 'purr' sounds, and facing their unique characters.

Here are some advantages of having cats as pets :

Most cats are easy to take care.

You don’t need to take cats for walks because they have already worked out while they are playing.

Sort-haired cats don’t need much grooming. They can maintain themselves clean and tidy.

Cats don’t require a lot of space, but they need to have places to climb, jump, hide in dark 'cubbies' and to explore.

They are pleased to live in small homes.

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, particularly during the day.

Cats will often sleep while you are away, so that they can play when you get home.

Cats are not very big and easy to handle, because most cats weigh about 4 kilograms.

Most cats like to be patted or stroked.

When they relax they purr, which also helps to make you relax.

Many cats enjoy playing, even when they are quite old.

They like to play with balls of string and cat toys.

Cats are very graceful and light on their feet.

They usually do not break things around the house.

Cats like to have their own area to live in.

They do not like to travel, and take time to settle into new places.

Cats are friendly and like to be around humans.

But they still like to be independent, and do not learn tricks as easily as dogs.


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