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Delicious Rice Recipes for You

>> Jan 26, 2012

Most Asian people like me are rice lovers. They can live around the world, but sometimes or even often, they will miss eating rice. I myself have a rice stomach. I’ll get dizzy if I don’t have rice for breakfast. Though I eat only a small portion, it gives me enough energy until the lunch time. Don’t laugh at me; but having bread or other food except rice for breakfast will only last a while. Soon I’ll get hungry again!

I always cook and serve white rice every day. When my father was still here with us, I also serve brown rice. Sometimes I cook fried rice in the morning, if I see there’s many left rice from last dinner. I’ve never yet tried to make another kind of rice food. There are several kinds of traditional rice recipes in my country, but my husband ever said that he wanted to taste any rice recipe from other countries. So, I need to add new recipes to my collection and start to search!

I’m so glad to find this recipe website, as it offers you the Top 20 Rice Recipes. You can find nothing else except various delicious rice recipes there. Isn’t it great! I thought before that I must compile the related recipes from different recipe websites.

RecipesforRice.com is really a great source for different rice recipes around the world. Every rice lover will surely love it, once they navigate every recipe at the website. The whole rice recipes are divided in categories, such as recipes for rice, brown rice recipes, fried rice recipes, dessert recipes, risotto recipes, Indian rice recipes, and other several categories.

As I still have a small amount of shrimp and chicken in the refrigerator, I decide to try Rice Jambalaya recipe for dinner tonight. The food image really looks tasty and appealing. The recipe is clearly written and easy to follow. Well Moms, what’s your most favorite rice recipe that you want to cook soon for your loved ones?

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