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Decorations That Add Life to Your Party

>> Jan 28, 2012

Setting the mood for your party is not only about the type of people you invite, but largely depends on the type of atmosphere you have created. And while taking a pool cover to the pool and creating a dance floor, or hiring a lovely space can get you started, there is a lot more to truly creating an atmosphere.

The look and feel of your party can make or break it – it can become one of those stuffy affairs during which people nibble politely and have a nightcap or two, or a crazy rock’n’roll party that gets out of control and leaves you cleaning up for weeks. Or possibly best, easy but entertaining evening that no one forgets quickly. All this depends on the atmosphere you create.

Here are just some of the factors to consider when creating atmosphere:

1.Theme and thematic decorations

The main element that dictates what your party is all about is the theme you choose. This will influence all of your decorations, your music, how people show up, and the way you use your venue. The thematic decorations used to show off the theme, will go one step further to get people in the mood you want them to be in. For example, if you create an ‘Aladdin style’ party, the theme decorations will consist of scarves and curtains, props like flavoured tobacco and shishas and traditional music.


Lighting also goes a long way towards your theme and creating atmosphere. If you leave the lights on high all evening, people are less likely to get into the mood, and are more likely to stay a little reserved. Softer lighting creates a more relaxed feel, while lights off, and simple spots or a disco ball really get the party started. Lighting effects, such as pool lights you can get from your pool supplies store can give a great eerie effect for a Halloween party! Going back to the Aladdin party, soft lighting will help people relax, get talking and feel comfortable.

3.Special effects

Special technological effects are becoming more common at parties, especially corporate ones. Elements such as laser lights, projections of images onto surfaces using lights, as well as videos and multimedia productions can really create a feel, transform a venue, and transport guests to a whole new world! This sort of lighting can usually be sourced from an AV or event hire company.

4.Furnishings and decor

Staying in theme can also be achieved by using your furnishings as decor. Retro pieces can go a long way towards seventies or eighties parties. Metallic pieces for a space-age party, or for the Aladdin party, lots of coloured sheer curtains, cushions and long lounges, will create an atmosphere that will take people away!


In addition to lighting, furnishings and technology as decoration – what about people? Hiring models to really take your atmosphere to a new level can mean the difference between a party and something spectacular. For example, a Toga party with living Greek statues will capture guests’ attention and convert your venue into a real Greek party scene. Belly dancers in the Aladdin party will create a level of atmosphere that will top off the other decorations and make your party a night to remember.


Finally, the music you choose needs to match your theme to put the finishing touches on your atmosphere. Select carefully – you want something thematic but worth partying and dancing to. 

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