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Could a Dehumidifier Be The Answer to Improving My Health?

>> Feb 17, 2014

Unbeknown to many homeowners, a property that has particularly high humidity levels can pose a number of health hazards to all who live there. Mould, mildew, damp and dust all thrive in humid homes, creating an unpleasant and unhealthy atmosphere for your family.

Dehumidifiers provide a cost effective and efficient solution for resolving excess moisture, especially in high humidity areas of your home such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room, but how can the use of a dehumidifier improve your health? Check out these healthy benefits that go hand-in-hand with home dehumidification…

Reduce allergies
For those that suffer from allergies, a home that is fraught with dust and damp can worsen symptoms. Mould and mildew can develop quickly in high humidity homes and cause irritation to the eyes and nose, whilst dust mites also love moisture filled environments. Utilising a dehumidifier can bring moisture levels back down to their recommended levels and ensure allergy symptoms aren’t triggered, creating a happy and healthy home for you and your family.

Improved air quality
Dehumidifiers promote better and healthier air quality so you and your family are not breathing in nasty mould spores, dust mites and other allergens. Dehumidifiers draw in moisture ridden air and expel cleaner, drier air ensuring everyone in your household can breathe easy. Use of a dehumidifier will ultimately improve your respiratory health and lead to fewer coughs and sneezes.

Promote healthier skin
Whilst a certain level of humidity aids skin hydration, too much moisture can cause irritation. Miliaria, commonly referred to as ‘prickly heat’, occurs when the skin is exposed to a high humidity environment and causes an unpleasant, blistering rash to develop. For soft and supple skin ensure moisture remains at its recommended levels by using a dehumidifier to clean and remove humidity from the air.

Create a healthy environment for Asthma sufferers
The increase in dust mites and allergens creates an unhealthy environment for all, especially those who suffer from Asthma. Dust mites are found in every home, however, mites thrive in high humidity properties. Dust mites trigger Asthma symptoms, which can lead to increased attacks. Make sure your home isn’t harbouring too many dust mites by using a dehumidifier to cleanse the air and relief allergy and Asthma symptoms for good.

This author of this post is Martin Davies, he works for the Airand Water Centre, the UK’s leading supplier of dehumidifiers and air purifiers.

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