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How to Claim for Whiplash Compensation

>> Feb 19, 2014

The same rules apply to claiming for a whiplash injury as claiming compensation for any other personal injury claim.  Firstly you have to fit the criteria, which are:

  • The accident cannot have been your fault
  • You must have sustained injuries in the accident, either physical or mental
  • The injuries must have required medical attention
  • The accident must have happened in the last three years

If you fit the criteria you may be able to claim compensation for your whiplash injury, which can be very painful and disabling.

Get an estimate

The second thing you should do is get an estimate of the amount you are likely to receive for your whiplash injury.  This can be achieved by completing a whiplash injury compensation calculator, which will provide you with some idea of the amount you can expect.  This cannot be totally accurate for there are too many things that can affect the outcome of your claim, but at least it will be some sort of guide to your award.

Gather the evidence

The next thing you need to do before youclaim for whiplash compensation is to gather together as much evidence as you can about how your injury was sustained.  Things like:

· How, when and where the accident happened
·Who was at fault; the lawyers will need to know who to make the claim against
·Were you able to take any photos of the accident scene, maybe on your mobile phone?
·Details of witnesses if there were any
· Medical reports relating to your injury, and the future prospects of recovery
·If the police were called, a copy of the report they will have completed
· Any other information you think might be relevant to your claim, no matter how trivial it may seem

Once you have gathered all this evidence together, you should make your whiplash compensation claim as soon as possible. The sooner after an accident claims are made, the more successful they appear to be.  Probably because it is felt the evidence is more reliable at this stage than three years later.

Make the claim

You have just one more thing to do before making your whiplash injury claim; you need to find the right law firm to act on your behalf.

You need a company that:

·Has the experience and expertise to handle your claim quickly, simply and efficiently
·Specialises in claiming compensation for faultless victims
·Will make sure all costs and losses, as well as the impact on your life are accounted for as part of your claim
·Has friendly and helpful advisors who are trained to give you free legal advice about making a personal injury claim
·Is accessible all hours of every day because do you not know when you might need their help and support
·Operates on a no win no fee basis so that you need have no financial worries about your claim

Once you are happy you have found the right law firm for you; make contact and start the processes of your whiplash injury compensation claim.

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Staff Administrator February 19, 2014 at 10:59 AM  

kecelakaan emang banyak faktornya ya mbak...
termasuk dari penyebab sampai ke urusan soal penangan medisnya.. :)

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