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Trying to Get Your Teenager to Stop Smoking? Consider These Tips

>> Feb 20, 2014

Finding out that your teenage son or daughter has recently started smoking can be an incredibly stressful time as a parent, especially if you believe you’ve always brought them up to believe smoking is a bad habit that they should never fall into.

Though it’s not easy to help any member of your family to quit smoking, encouraging your teenage son or daughter to quit can be an even greater challenge because they've only recently developed their own mind, independent from you and other members of your family, and they’re unlikely to want to give up this power yet whether you want them to or not.

You can get through to them however, even if it takes some time. To help you along the way, keep in mind the following three tips for getting your teenager to stop smoking; and good luck!

Set a Positive Example

It goes without saying that a teenager living in a household in which their parents don’t smoke is less likely to smoke themselves, especially if this has always been the case, with them never being exposed to smoke or smokers as they were growing up.

You can’t, as a parent, realistically believe you can encourage your teenager to quit smoking if you continue to do so. The old maxim “Do as I say, not as I do,” is hypocritical to say the least, and today’s teenagers are going to take no notice of it, or anything else you say, if you continue to do so with a cigarette hanging out your mouth.

There are many ways to set a positive example for your children, meaning if you do currently smoke, the most powerful way of encouraging your teenager to stop smoking is to tell them you will quit alongside them, working with them day by day to halt your addiction together. Your teenager may not have any regard for their own heath, but chances are they’ve been wanting you to quit all your life.

Work With, Not Against Them

On that note, you must make a point of working alongside your teenage son or daughter, not against them, in order to help them quit their habit. It’s natural, when finding out that your teenager smokes, to get annoyed with them and even shout at them, but this won’t encourage them to quit, if anything it will further their belief that they should carry on smoking for as long as possible.

When you work with your teenager in this way you can help them to make a plan, setting out milestones, goals, and other information to help them quit the habit. Halfway along your plan you may wish to introduce them to an electric cigarette brand that will allow them to experience the same sensation as smoking (and therefore help with their cravings), while admitting hardly any of the toxins associated with regular cigarettes.

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Appeal to Their Vanity

Appealing to your teenager’s vanity is never a bad idea, and it can work very well for you when it comes to encouraging them to stop smoking.

Though there are a number of good reasons to encourage your teenager to stop smoking, such as the fact that they’ll save a fair sum per week, and they’ll feel healthier and struggle less on long walks, you can appeal to their vanity with such truisms as:

-   Cigarettes reduce the flow of blood to your skin, washing you out and making your face look much unhealthier than a standard non-smokers skin.
-   Smokers gain more wrinkles, much earlier in life (sometimes as early as their mid-twenties).
-   Smokers are becoming less and less attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex, with many non-smokers saying they wouldn’t ever want to kiss a smoker.

In conclusion, finding out that your teenage son or daughter has recently started smoking can be an incredibly stressful time as a parent. To help encourage them to stop smoking, make sure you set a positive example, you work with them, not against them, and you appeal to their teenage vanity.

About the Author:

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6 komentar:

indotop February 20, 2014 at 2:11 AM  

Smoking harms your brain as well as your body

Obat Sakit February 20, 2014 at 7:36 AM  

stop smoking apa berarti berhenti merokok ya mbak
kalo iya, alhamdulillah saya telah diingatkan oleh Alloh SWT akan dampak rokok buat kesehatan manusia.
Dan sekrang pun saya berhenti total dari merokok sejak 7 bulan yang lalu

Cheqna February 20, 2014 at 9:00 PM  

Good article. I think its hard for smokers to quit once they have started, unless they have strong will to do it.

Obat Sakit February 21, 2014 at 3:30 AM  

untuk bisa berhenti merokok, mantapkan niat. Kalau niat belum mantap alias masih setengah atau seperempat, akan percuma saja. yang ada hanya ucapan belaka

Staff Administrator February 21, 2014 at 4:43 PM  

saya selalu wanti2 anak saya mbak Lin...
dampak buruknya rokok buat kesehatan..

meskipun terkadang kita kuatir juga sama pergaulannya di luaran..
tapi minimal....dorongan dan contoh nyata dari tiap orang tua..bisa menjadi pengingat untuknya...
thx untuk sharing nya ya mbak :)

Stefhanus May 8, 2016 at 12:04 PM  

Mudah untuk diucapkan tapi sulit untuk dilaksanakan. Mengucapkan kalimat berhenti untuk merokok itu mudah sekali tetapi pada kenyataannya sangat sulit sekali untuk dilaksanakan, terutama bagi yang sudah bertahun tahun bahkan puluhan tahun sudah merokok dikarenakan Nicotine yang terkandung di dalam setiap batang rokok sifatnya addictive sekali, termasuk saya yang sejak kecil sudah mengenal rokok. Beberapa bulan yang lalu saya mencoba electronic cigarette, bukan maksudnya supaya bias berhenti merokok tetapi lebih karena keinginan untuk berhemat (saya tinggal di Australia dimana harga rokok luar biasa mahalnya), ternyata electronic cigarette membuat keinginan saya untuk merokok (normal rokok maksudnya) jadi berkurang bahkan bias sampai berminggu2 saya tidak punya keinginan untuk merokok. Kebetulan semalam 7 Mei 2016, 7News, muncul di televisi disini (Australia), dimana dikatakan bahwa electronic cigarette jauh lebih aman dibandingkan conventional rokok, 95% lebih aman dan asap yang dihasilkan tidak berpengaruh terhadap kesehatan orang2 disekitarnya.

Berita tersebut mengconfirm saya yang dimana beberapa saat yang lalu saya membuat website untuk memasarkan product electronic cigarette khusus di Australia saya. Sudah banyak para pakar kesehatan yang mengatakan kalau electronic cigarette jauh lebih aman dari rokok biasa.

Kesimpulan dari tulisan ini, bagi teman2 yang tidak/belum dapat meninggalkan rokok biasa, yang terus terang memang sulit, silahkan mencoba electronic cigarette, tetapi bagi yang tidak pernah merokok, tidak perlu mencobanya. Good Luck.

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