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What to Gift a Mother for Her Birthday?

>> Feb 4, 2014

Birthday gifts for your mum can vary from luxurious items like jewelry to frugal ones like a bunch of flowers. But the value of the gift is judged by your mother on the thought behind it and not the cost.

The first task in selecting a gift for your mother is to ruminate on her. What personality does she have, what kind of work she does, what are her hobbies? Armed with this information, it becomes simpler to select her birthday present.

Some of the ideas on what to gift your mother are:

  • A gift from child or teenager:  You are not expected to purchase expensive items. It is better to create something with your hands than to buy a gift. One touching gesture would be to gift a self made card with warm lines about your mum. A family album, a piece of embroidery, a drawing-all will be appreciated by your mum.
  • Gift for young mothers: They love getting baby items for their birthday. Small babies are expensive so if you pitch in, it will be much appreciated. Gift her skin care products so she can get over looking tired and stressed all the time.
  • Quality time: Do you live far away from your mum? Then spending quality time with her will be the best birthday present. Go home for a couple of days and organize a birthday party for her.
  • Photo shoot: Very often families do not have latest photos of themselves. Organize a photo shoot of the entire family together and gift it your mother on her birthday. Another related idea is to create a photo collage of all favorite old and new photos, which will be surely cherished by your mum.
  • Kitchen accessories:  Kitchens are a much loved room for mums, so gift her accessories and gadgets she can use in the kitchen. You can even include d├ęcor items that beautify the kitchen space.
  • Body and bath products: Moms are always busy doing chores or attending office, so giving them time to relax and pamper themselves is a great gift idea. Gift her home experience of a personal spa. A birthday gift hamper containing body lotion, bubble bath salts, body oils, perfumes and other such items which will relax and rejuvenate her.
  • A day out at the parlor: Your mother may not have time to groom herself, being busy taking care of all needs of the whole family. Book a day for her at the salon with the complete works, like massage, manicure, pedicure etc. To add to the treat, you can invite her friends to join her at the parlor for a day of fun and relaxation.
  • Purses, clutches and hand bags: No woman can resist the treat of colorful, stylish purses and hand bags. Keep in mind your mother’s favorite color and design in bags.
  • Family vacation: For the bored and stressed out mum, gifting a family vacation occupies top spot. Decorate her hotel room with balloons.
  • Jewelry:  They are a woman’s best friend. They are an eternal and beautiful gift for your mum. You can gift her jewelry made of her birthstones or lucky stones.
  • Give mum a free day: Give your mum a day off by offering to dust, clean and cook lunch and dinner.

Author’s Bio: She is associated with expressgiftservice.co.uk. She is coordinator of content at the website. She writes, manages and coordinates articles and blogs related to the site. She has a bachelor degree in Commerce.

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