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8 Tips for Motorcycling Mums and Dads

>> Apr 30, 2014

Some people are only interested in travelling on two wheels until they can afford to buy a car but for others, motorcycling is a lifelong passion. If you belong in the latter group and are now at an age where you have a spouse and kids to consider, the eight tips below should help you to enjoy guilt-free motorcycling for many years to come.

  1. Take an advanced riding course. It is only natural that your family will worry about the possibility of you being involved in an accident when you are out on your bike and taking an IAM advanced riding test could reassure them that you know what you are doing. At the very least, it will equip you with new skills and enable you to enjoy your riding even more. Many of the motorcyclists who successfully complete such courses believe that they are better equipped to avoid accidents afterwards.
  2.  Have your machine maintained by an authorised dealer. Whilst there may be a local mechanic who lives down the road and who knows everything about bikes, your family will feel better if you take your motorcycle to an authorised dealer when it is time for a service. Because they are trained to deal with the particular make and model that you ride and only use genuine parts when carrying out repairs, the mechanics who work at such dealers can normally be trusted to do a first-rate job.
  3. Pay for the best cover you can afford. Even if your family are confident in your ability to ride a bike and stay out of trouble, they may still worry that an unfortunate accident could end up costing you, and ultimately them, a lot of money. Buy acomprehensive motorbike insurance policy to ensure peace of mind for the whole family and to make sure that you are not left with a hefty bill to pay in the event that you are involved in an accident and are deemed to have been at fault.
  4. Invest in high quality safety gear. Don’t buy the cheapest helmet you can find, just to comply with the law. If you value your head, buy the highest quality helmet that you can afford and invest in a thick leather jacket too. If you go for a design that features a pocket for a back protector, you can buy one of those too and wear it whenever you are riding. If you already have a decent jacket but it does not have anywhere to put a protector, you can buy ones that come with their own breathable liner and that can be worn underneath a leather jacket.
  5. Never drink and ride. This point probably doesn’t need to be made to the majority of motorcyclists who have a family that depend on them but it is so important that I felt obliged to at least mention it.
  6. Fit high quality tyres to your machine. Lower quality rubber may be cheaper and may even perform quite well in the dry but in wet weather conditions, a cheap, inferior set of tyres could let you down. Do yourself and your family a favour and don’t skimp when it comes to rubber.
  7. Wear a high visibility jacket at night. To make sure that you can always be seen by other road users, wear a luminous safety jacket in poor light conditions.
  8. Avoid known accident black spots. No matter how confident you are in your machine and your riding ability, it makes sense to avoid these roads. You can download the location of local accident black spots to your GPS system, to make it easier to avoid them when you are out on your bike. Your family will thank you for being extra careful.

Most of the above suggestions are basic common sense but I think it is worth reading through the list a couple of times every now and then as it is easy to get carried away with the excitement of a forthcoming ride and forget the rules that have kept you safe and sound up until this point. Use your common sense and you can enjoy motorcycling and a happy family life too.

Author: A company that is based at offices in Dublin and Altrincham and have more than 300 staff at these sites, Carole Nash is a reliable provider of motorbike insurance policies in the country.

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