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Teachergive Sale 2023

Fun Kid’s Gardening Projects

>> Apr 11, 2014

Fun Kid’s Gardening Projects -Doing kid's gardening projects doesn’t need big yard. You may live in an apartment and don’t worry, there are various ways that you can try to get your kids into nature. Here are some ideas to develop your child's green thumb -based on the original article written by Amy Hatch at ivillage.com.

1.Hanging Rainboot Garden from Rosy Posy: for toddlers and up.
Do you keep several pairs of used little boots that your kid can’t wear anymore? Try this project as it would be fun. Besides several pairs of rainboots (all sizes and colors), you’ll need soil and seeds, a drill, nails or hooks.

What to do:
-Drill holes in the sole of each boot for water drainage and in the top of the boot for hanging.
-Fill up boots with soil, plant seeds or plants as said by instructions.
-Hang boots as desired using a nail or a hook on a fence or wall.
Besides hanging the boots, you may put together the boots on the ground as a group of colorful planters.

2.Fairy Garden from Finding Home: for preschool and up.
I think every little girl and boy loves fairies. Ask your kids to create a home for the fairies; they are surely excited. 

Needed things: a large container, small rocks, small plants, moss, and tiny furniture (created by you and your kids or purchased).

What to do:
-Fill the container with soil and let your kid’s imaginations flow.
-Your kid may create a map before or just design as you go.
-Small plants like shrubs, flowers and other plants need regularly trimming to keep their desired figures.
-Remember not to combine sun and shade plants.

3.Eggshell Head Garden from 4 Crazy Kings : for toddler and up.
Support your kids to learn how to grow things.

Needed things: eggshells, potting soils, seeds (choose a kind that will appear like hair when sprouted) and a marker.

What to do:
-Clean the halved eggshells and fill up them with potting soil.
-Plant seeds and water.
-Locate the eggshells at a spot that gets enough light.
-Once the ‘hair’ appears, draw a face on each eggshell with a marker.
-When the plant outgrows its eggshell, remove and plant it outside.

4.Pumpkin Sprouts from Growing in Pre K :for preschool and up.
Your kids will love growing their own pumpkins from an actual pumpkin.
Needed things: a pumpkin, soil and water

What to do:
-Open up a pumpkin and leave all the "guts" and seeds inside.
-Add some potting soil and water.
-Watch the pumpkin seeds grow.

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