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Are You Expecting? Here are Some Fun and Cool Things to Do while Pregnant!

>> Jun 6, 2015


First of all, congratulations! We can only imagine how excited you are that you’ll soon be a mother of an absolutely gorgeous girl or boy. And while nine months will pass even quicker than you think, we are sure you want to use the time for something inspiring and creative to do. This of course if you aren’t a mom who will stay at the office basically until she gets contractions!

If you’ve got a difficult pregnancy, these advice will come as a great distraction from worrying or thinking about the pregnancy itself.

Take yoga classes

The free time you’ve got for yourself is the perfect time to get in touch with your inner self. When we are busy and spend most of our day at the office, worrying about this and that, we rarely get the luxury of time during which we can actually re-connect with ourselves. So, take yoga classes and enjoy them! There are even “mommy sessions” in most fitness clubs, so do your research. You will meet other moms to be and you’ll all have a good time!

Photographs are memories intact

The latest celebrity trend is posing nude or half nude while pregnant. This helps moms to be to “save” that image of the most gorgeous period in their lives. Professional photos are definitely the way to go. It will be a wonderful experience and when your child grows up, she/he will probably love to see the photos while they were still in their mom’s belly. Plus, you get to feel like a celebrity for a few days – the schedules, makeup, tryouts, photographs, the set… ah, so exciting!

Start an online business

Nothing too stressful though! But, starting a blog, a mom-fashion-blog, joining a freelancing company to do some writing (if this is your passion) may not only be profitable but it will bring you a lot of joy and distraction from the pregnancy itself and the free time you may have on your hands.
Find what makes you happy and pursue it!

Don’t forget about your hubby

The fact you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should forget about the person who has made that baby possible. After all, it was just you two before the pregnancy and you need to make sure the romance stays alive. Remember, once that bundle of joy is born, there will be so little time for you and your husband to spend alone with the in-laws coming to help, the baby crying, lack of sleep, etc. So, while you can, plan little road trips (while you still may travel), date nights once every week or two, book a spa or a weekend away and bond over lunch or dinner.

When you don’t feel like going out, poring your husband’s favorite drinking, making (or buying) some snacks and a movie may do just fine.

Find a new you

The important thing to understand when pregnant is that your body is going to change, no matter how much you work out while expecting. Sure, working out will keep you healthy, help your delivery be less painful, and help you go back quicker to your usual jean size. Some women have difficulties coping with the fact their body will change. Well, you be smarter than that and take your pregnancy time to learn to love the new you.

Indulge yourself

Do little things for yourself that will make you happy and relaxed like book spa treatments and massages. Go to lunch dates with your friends who you didn’t get the time to see when you were working…

Further, experiment with your look - paint your nails in a bright cheerful colors, change your hair, try new makeup, go shopping… You may even take up new hobbies like knitting, paining, writing… whatever feels right. For basically anything that you need, there are online stores to help you with choices and shopping alone – colorful online yarn stores, online paint supplies stores, online makeup tutorials... anything!

Being a mother is probably one of the most rewarding things on planet Earth. Be happy about it, enjoy this time, look forward to the time that’ll come and have fun!

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Nancy Chan June 6, 2015 at 1:43 PM  

How nice if I had read this when I had just got married. Your posting will help many out there to get ready with your helpful sharing.

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