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Teachergive Sale 2023

Using Microfiber Means Easy, Efficient, and Safe Home Cleaning

>> Jun 21, 2015

No one blames if you think and feel that home cleaning job is very tiring and boring. Happily, thanks to the advanced microfiber technology for innovating the multi-use and reusable Microfiber Cleaning Cloths that provides you with many advantages. With using this fabric, you can say goodbye to your current conventional exhausting and costly cleaning method!

Maxim Mart 14"x14" Microfiber Cloth Professional –image:maximmart.com

The split and very tiny fibers that compose any microfiber fabric are not only capable to lift up and hold dirt amazingly, but also offer remarkable rubbing and absorbency abilities.  You don’t need to use many chemical cleaning products anymore since the combination of a little water and microfiber already gives you thoroughly cleaning power.  While the dry usage is good for dusting, light cleaning, and polishing your home stuffs. Both wet and dry applications can be used to clean almost any surface since the fabric softness wouldn’t hurt your belongings. Any grease, dirt, dust, and stain can be removed easier and leave the item unharmed.

The presence of a home cleaning method that using a variety of microfiber cloths like Microfiber Towels and microfiber mops goes along with the increasing awareness of green living in many households. It leads to a new cleaning way which allows people to save energy and money, reduce waste, chemical exposure and dust airborne, and make things easier as well.    

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jp@A Green Ridge June 21, 2015 at 3:08 AM  

In total agreement with their being so useful and wonderful. I use them all over in the house and to clean my car, along with the mop!...:)JP

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