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You Want To Make Your Child Learn Smarter? Here Are Some Useful Apps To Help You Do Just That!

>> Jun 3, 2015

Every parent dreams of having his child grow up into a decent human being that’s on top of that wise, educated and aware of life around him. And, each parent also understands that their duty is to participate in their child’s bringing up in the best way possible, influence it and direct it.

As mentioned, one of the aspects of a child’s upbringing is its education. This digital world we live in has made yet another leap and jumped into our lives, offering us the opportunity for our kids to not just play with technology but learn through it as well.


You know how children’s curiosity can sometimes bewilder you? All those questions you sometimes have no answer to may leave you exhausted. Well, there is a solution for basically any question your child may be interested in. WikiSpeaker app can answer any question and your child doesn’t even have to type it in.  This app is great because it’s not just the child who is learning stuff, but the parent may learn a thing or two, also! Perfect for kids aged from 5-12.


If you’ve noticed your child has a neck for mathematics, then Mathemagics is just the app for him/her. This app is designed to help kids learn to practice mental math calculations in creative and funny ways. Do you want to know the square numbers in the 500’s within seconds? Be prepared to find it out in matter of milliseconds because this app will make it possible.

Eng-Chi Speak it Up

Even though English is THE language everyone speaks, if English is your mother tongue you simply must know at least one more language. This goes for your children, too. Thankfully, there is an app for that – with it, learning Mandarin or Cantonese will be the simplest thing in the world.  
The sooner your child starts learning another language, the better. When little, children just soak up the knowledge!

iLingual French

This app is limited to French, but that’s okay. French is a widely spoken language and learning it may be one of the best things your child will do.

iLingual French can imitate your mouth when you’re talking English. However, the point is that it automatically translates it to French. This is good for communicating with people speaking French overseas.

Memory Forcer X

Memory Forcer X is an app designed for memory improvement.  Better memory can be the key to studying smarter and learning things quicker. If you start early and download this app asap, you’ll do wonderful things for improving your kids’ memory skill!


iHomework is an amazing app that will help your kids stay organized and on top of their daily, weekly and monthly homeworks, projects and tasks. 
This app will assist your child in tracking their upcoming work for the school year and organize all their ongoing activities. The app has the capacity of repetition.
Parents can monitor and guide those activities on their Mmacbook or iPhone or Macbook.

Simple States

A great app for kids to learn U.S. States and capitals along with other geography facts and fun games. The app is designed for all ages, so parents can brush up on their knowledge about the states and learn with their kids.  It also makes a great study guide.

Earth 3D

Even though mostly used in screensaver mode, this app can be great introduction to outer space for your children. It will be so easy for your children to visualize the idea they are working in a spaceship and looking out their window.  This app can be a fantastic learning place for your kids, it can enhance their interest in the world around them as well as enhance their imagination.

Solar Walk-3D Solar System Model

You want to spark your child’s inner astronaut? This is the right way to do it! The Solar Walk-3D Solar System model is the app you want to download if you are looking to introduce your kids to the wonders of outer space!

We hope these nine apps will help your child experience learning and studying in a fun, interesting way and grow to adore every single moment spent learning new information.

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Mang Lembu June 4, 2015 at 1:38 AM  

saya teh klik google terjemahan berulang pengen baca you want to make your child learn pake bahasa ibu, lah kok ya susah, jadinya gimana lagi coba kalau udah begini

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