Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Creating A Basket For Bridesmaids

>> Jun 4, 2015

When you begin planning for your wedding, you should also think about the people who are in the wedding party. You don't have to get everyone a gift, but there are some people who you should consider. These are the bridesmaids. If it weren't for the help that they offer, you might not be able to get dressed on time for the wedding or keep all of your supplies in one place for the special day. These are girls who should be special to you in one way or another. Bridesmaid Gift Baskets are an idea if you don't know what to give each woman or if you want to give several small things that aren't as expensive. 
Bridesmaid Gift Baskets

Start by selecting the kind of basket that you want to use. This should be something that can hold all of the items you plan to give. It doesn't have to be anything elegant as you can tie a bow or add tissue paper after the items are placed. You can make each basket based on what each girl enjoys doing, or you can make all of them the same with a little variety. One type of basket might contain spa gifts, such as bubble bath and bath beads while another might be for someone who likes movies that includes popcorn, a favorite DVD and small boxes of candy.

There is one movie that you should think about including with each basket. It's called Bridesmaids, and it's a funny movie that shows just what the role of the job entails. Add a small bouquet of flowers that are either artificial or fresh. If you use fresh flowers, attach them the day of the wedding so that they won't wilt. Some of the other items that you can include are a journal, a stuffed animal that brings out the personality of each woman or a CD of favorite songs.

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