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Build Your Child’s Good Moral Character from Home! (4)

>> Oct 9, 2009

I’m so busy on the past few days. My hubby is sick; it’s been two weeks already. It truly makes me sad seeing he can’t do much because the severe pain he felt. He needs help to do almost anything. Moreover, the woman who usually helps me doing the house tasks hasn’t been coming for several days. Well, I’m just trying to do my best here but I also don’t want to push myself too hard. My hubby is my priority; though in pain, I want him feels comfortable…

Ok, let’s back to the post’s blog matter. This post is the last section of how to build your child’s good moral character from home tips. I’ll mention here the last ten tips of 50 for you:

41. If your child has a little conflict with friends; give your child a chance to solve the problem by himself/herself first. Being not interfering since the beginning makes your child learns to identify and seek the solution of the problem.

42. Give each child a separate toy box to avoid the fighting over the toys between your children. Let your children to keep their favorite toys; but you must ask each child to still prepare some toys that can be used together and can be borrowed by others.
43. Tell your child that doing the home work is your child’s task. You will not perform his/her task; but you will be delighted to help if there’s trouble or to examine the finished home work.

44. If there is a baby at home, ask your older child to help you caring the baby. Ask your child to express affection to the baby and calm the baby when the baby’s crying.

45. Write a letter or simple notes to your child. The content can be various things: motivation words, reminder, greetings, etc. Put it on the refrigerator or white board or any place else that you like.

46. Set court chairs. If your children are quarrelling or doing other mistakes; sent them to the court chairs. They must sit on the court chairs until there is one or both of them want to explain what exactly happens, apologize and promise not doing the same mistake.

47. Teach your child how to ease anger. Teach your child how to calm himself / herself by taking a deep breath and exhaling it slowly. You can also teach your child to do something else that can take mind off the anger, therefore, you should prepare a canvas/drawing book to write/draw/score out or a bolster to punch. Other way: you can prepare a quiet room as a special place for your child to calm himself/herself every time he/she feels very angry.

48. Introduce and teach pluralism to your child. Don’t limit and don’t discriminate your child’s friends. You can register your child into a playing group or other activity; so that your child may meet and get along with friends from different religion, race, economic and social backgrounds.

49. Teach generosity to your child. Of course, you don’t want your child is growing up to be a money-oriented person. Take your child regularly to the orphan house and the charity event in your area. You and your child together can prepare the donation in matter of fund, books, toys or clothes. Explain the importance of helping and giving others for life happiness and peaceful heart.

50. Be PATIENT in building your children character; don’t demand too much. It’s not an instant process! Don’t forget, you must also consider the child’s age.

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