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Teachergive Sale 2023

Husbands: Don’t Hesitate to Say “Thank You” to Your Wife!

>> Oct 29, 2009

Having received a poem gift last week makes me more realize about the importance of sincerely often saying “thank you” in tightening a relationship between husband and wife. I become to feel that I’m a special person; I feel that I was appreciated, at least, by my husband… It truly gives me more energy and enthusiasm to go through my following life. Do you also experience how powerful the sincere “thank you” expression in your daily marriage life?

I remembered that I’ve ever read a wife’s true experience on a psychology article of a newspaper. The wife suffered depression, lack of self confidence, moreover, she felt useless and so empty inside her heart. She had it so badly until she wanted to kill herself. Fortunately, she’s a smart woman; she’s trying to know what exactly happened to her by consulting her condition to an expert.

The woman, well, let’s call her Ann here, was used to be a career woman. After getting pregnant, Ann decided to be a full stay at home wife. Was it that made her depressed? No, Ann said that she can enjoy the life as a stay at home wife, nothing problem with that. Ann also said that Bill, the husband, have never hurt her physically. Time goes by, Ann felt harder and harder to go through her daily life. She did her routines in empty heart and mind.

Ann’s friends and relatives hadn’t never suspected how bad her psychic condition. From the outside, people around her looked Ann’s family as a happy one. She lives at a beautiful house, Bill is a successful person and her daughter is healthy and adorable. What Ann didn’t have actually?

After several therapies with a psychologist, the answer was revealed. It turned out that Ann has never get thankful expression from her husband. Bill NEVER SAID “thank you” to Ann, for everything she’s done, Bill has never given emotional interaction, NEVER! Can you imagine how bad the consequences of never having sincere thankful expression to a smart woman like Ann? Poor her…

Yes, I wrote a woman’s story here, but it doesn’t mean that a wife doesn’t need to do the same thing. At every appropriate moment, a wife shouldn’t hesitate to say “thank you” to her husband, too. I wrote this post just for reminding all of us, married couples, how we sometimes forget to say simple words but very important thing like “thank you” to our beloved partner. Hope we all get the lesson...

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