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Emotional Affair vs Sexual Affair

>> Oct 19, 2009

As a married woman, affair matter in marriage life is a scary thing for me. Of course, I trust my hubby’s love and I hope that it won’t happen in my marriage… Does every married man can really trust their wife? Does every married woman can really trust their husband? Do you?
Though it’s an unkind thing, I think married couples should know more about this affair matter, why it can be so dangerous and destructive to your marriage, so, we will decide to avoid having affairs and leave it. After reading some articles on woman magazines and browsing google; I compile the points for you here:
What is emotional affair? Why it’s different with sexual affair?A man and a woman who get involve into emotional affair never connect sexually and physically; but they are truly lover in their mind and heart.
What are the signs that show you get involve in an emotional affair?Emotional affair used to begin with friendship or professional closeness. How do you know that you’ve passed through the ‘just a friend’ border? An expert said that the border is very thin; here are the clear signs (I assume you as a woman) :
  • When you’re not with him, you think him a lot. If he’s always in your mind when you do daily activities or moreover, while you’re spending time with your husband, families and friends, well, he is more than just a friend.
  • You talk about him much; including to your work colleagues or closest friends. You do this suddenly or repeatedly; so that your colleagues or friends begin to suspicious.
  • You always share your problem, happiness or sadness to him first. Your husband may not know your problem at all because you tell nothing to your husband.
  • Suddenly you complain about your marriage life; it’s something that you’ve never done before. You become often to compare your husband with him; and it makes you feel hopeless.
  • You ignore your tasks or daily activities. You spend too much time to call him, to chat with him or other things that you do together with him.
  • You hope to meet him often. If the desire to meet him is so clear and strong; watch out, the red sign start to ‘on‘.
  • You always imagine him every time you are intimate with your husband. If you always imagine the same man, well, it’s the sign that there is a problem.
Do you experience all the signs above? Pay more attention if your closest friends don’t believe when you said that there’s nothing between you and him. They may appraise you objectively; while you try to act rationally and hide behind the innocent feeling…

In the next post I’ll continue this topic and mention: the negative impacts, the things you should do and how to end an emotional affair. See you in my next post!

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