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CC: Hardest Days of Our Marriage

>> Sep 23, 2010

Maintaining a marriage isn’t an easy job. It needs strong commitment from both sides to keep the marriage forever. I believe that every marriage has its own obstacles. It becomes a kind of test for the married couple; can they face and solve the test properly? Or the obstacles become the cause of their broken marriage…

Our marriage in early years was a hard time for us. I really want to share our hardest days here completely; but my hubby said that I should only mention it in general. Ok, I can understand…

I supported my hubby’s business in another town; but we had to face the business failure and got bankrupt. Finance became our major problem at that time. It’s very hard to exit from the trouble; but at least, we can survive until now.

Actually, my hubby hasn’t yet had a new business that running well. He has tried to start several different businesses; but there wasn’t yet that came with the good result. Now his activity is helping his brother to run a small new restaurant. We don’t have much money, and we live in a modest life style. But it’s not a big problem, since we have strong love and commitment to keep our marriage. Of course, we have hopes to live in a better condition.

If I have my own child one day, I really want to give him/her the best education. And it means: we need to have special budget in education. We just do our best; only God knows our future!

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