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Is Your Child still Picking His Nose?

>> Sep 27, 2010

Mindy Berry Walker wrote this tip for you. If your child is continuously doing it; probably it’s because he feels that the habit is relaxing; the similar way with kids that love twist their hair.

Ari Brown, a pediatrician, said that children go through a sensorimotor phase. In this phase, touching everything is how the children learn. You, parents, can assume the picking nose as a problem is your child is still picking at age five or eight. It means that your child has gotten trapped in that phase.

The trick is to get his hands on someplace else. One useful option: keep a small cube of satin in his pocket or pinned to the inside bottom of his T-shirt. Touching this throughout the day will give kids their sensory fix. For older kids (more than eight years old), give them a stress ball.

No matter your child’s age, when you catch him in the act, gently take his hand out without saying a word, give him a tissue, then tell him to wash his hands.

Furthermore, rubbing a thin layer of Vaseline in the child’s nostrils to prevent picking-induced nosebleeds can work as avoidance, because he probably won’t want to touch the sludgy stuff.

Source: realsimple.com

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