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A Flying Creature that isn’t a Bird

>> Sep 3, 2010

That night I was rather shocked.
It’s my first time to see.
A little bat hanging on the ceiling of our porch.
It was raining hard outside.
I guess he just took shelter.

Bats are mammals.
They have fur or hair.
A baby bat is born live.
The babies nurse from their mother.
Bats have arms, hands and feet.
They are warm blooded.

They are hatched from eggs.
Birds have feathers, not fur or hair.
Babies are fed from mom's mouth.
They have wings, but no hands and fingers.

So, are bats and birds different?
Yes they are.
And, a bat is the only mammal that can truly fly...
even though it is not a bird!
Isn't that remarkable?

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