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CC: How do We Help Each Other

>> Sep 2, 2010

I believe that a married couple is a team work; we should think and act as a team. Though we have different characters, actually we complete each other. To be a strong team, there should always be a good cooperation. In a marriage, helping each other is a must!

How I can help my hubby? I’m still trying to be a good wife for him, and here is the list of what I always try to do every day:

1. Be warm, kind, positive, understanding and friendly. I always welcome my hubby with a smile when he comes home.
2. Treat him with respect.
3. Keeping open communication. We usually find time to sit and talk daily; even if it is for only half an hour. I try to be a good listener when he is talking and allow him to talk first.
4. Be Supportive. I believe that my hubby expects my support and understanding especially in times of troubles. A good wife loves her hubby through his successes and failures and provides reassurance when he's feeling down. I should support my hubby in all stages of his career and life.
5. I avoid become a nagging wife.
6. I still give him his space. As a wife, we need to understand that hubbies also have a life other than us. He has his family, friends and colleagues who are part of his life, too. He also may have some hobbies or passions he is involved in.
7. Be a good home maker and wise with our money.

How my hubby can help me?
1. Be my sounding board. Sometimes, I need someone to be my counselor and to listen to my problems sincerely. I’m glad that he’s a good listener.
2. Always shows respect.
3. Always tries not to sweat the little stuff.
4. Be an affectionate hubby.

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