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CC: What do We Want from Each Other?

>> Sep 30, 2010

We have realized that our partners aren’t perfect ones; as there’s no perfect person. NOBODY’S PERFECT, right? I believe that accepting your partner’s imperfection will make your marriage happier. Too much expectation can annoy your relationship. If your minds are full of thinking on your expectations about how is your partner should be; you’ll often feel disappointed.

So, if you have expectations, don’t hide it in your mind; say it to your partner. But don’t force him to change immediately. It needs process and many times to change one’s habits and personalities. Moreover, you should be ready if in fact, your partner is hard to change or can’t change at all!

Well, here are a little bit of our wants:

What do I want from my hubby?Keeping what we already have had: our strong love; for forever!
I want that in his mind: I’m the one and only woman for him.
I really want him to stop smoking; but it doesn’t happen until now.
Always becomes a loving hubby for me.
Always becomes a funny, smart and full-of-spirit man.
Lessen his jealousy -hehehe.

What does he want from me?Of course, he also wants me to keep our love.
He wants me less stubborn.
He wants me not to leave far from home alone.
Always becomes a supporting and caring wife for him.

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