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Teachergive Sale 2023

Couple's Corner : Things that Annoy Him

>> Apr 21, 2011

Before I wrote this post, I asked my hubby first, which my manners that will annoy him so much.

First. He said that he doesn’t like when he asks me questions or starts a conversation; but I don’t take and receive it seriously. I just answer his question but my mind can be in other place. Sometimes I do this on purpose; just to annoy him, hahaha.

Second. I can be naughty once in a while. In fact, I’ve ever done this several times. When he’s in the bathroom, especially in the night, I’ll put off the bathroom light. I like his reaction: he’ll suddenly scream loudly!

Third. When we’re in the middle of discussing about any thing, sometimes disagreement occurs and one of us will talk in higher tones. He will be annoyed if this situation makes me say,”Diiih…you’re angry!” in high tone as well.

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