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Teachergive Sale 2023

Spending Sunday in Bandung

>> Apr 4, 2011

Sunday morning, we left home to visit an aunt’s house in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia). There’s a family meeting there that we should attend. Three weeks ahead, my aunt will hold her daughter’s wedding ceremony. Some relatives were gathering to discuss the last preparation and allocate tasks between family members.

It took three hours to reach the house. The meeting started after lunch and ended in four hours. We had no time to visit another place. It’s a pity anyway, since there are lots of interesting place in Bandung that I want to visit. Bandung is famous for its shopping places; one of them is Cihampelas Street.

We just passed by this street, as we don’t want to reach home very late. Cihampelas Street is a crowded place; it’s full of shops that sell clothes. The narrow road makes traffic jam is a common thing along this road, that’s why I can take photos there. You can see that the shops in Cihampelas Street attract buyers in creative ways. Famous characters like Aladdin, Yasmin, Superman and Spiderman are welcoming you there!

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