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Benefits from Having Family Pet for Your Children

>> Apr 30, 2011

My nieces and nephews are cat lovers. Their parents allow them keeping cats at home. Here I share some of their cats.

Having family pet can give benefits for your children. Here are the benefits:

ResponsibilityIt can be the best way to teach your child to become responsible. Teach your child to feed the pet on time, keep clean the habitat and pet and exercise the pet. Don’t forget to select a pet that is right for your child's age and abilities.

CompassionResearchers in Poland studied the impact of caring dogs or cats at home on the social development of 530 children (4-8 years old). Kids with pets had higher scores in pro-social behavior and self-confidence than those without pets.
An adult who had a pet as a child will not be mean to animals. Pets also decrease violence and encourage empathy for other people. Caring for a pet involves learning how to read its feelings and this is an ability which can be used in all communication.

CompanionshipChildren are likely to develop a very strong bond with a family pet, which will provide them with companionship and build self-esteem. Many children share their innermost hopes and dreams with their pet. Since pets provide children (and adults) with unconditional regard, they provide great psychological benefit.
A study in which a group of children were asked to name their 10 best friends found that pets often ranked higher than human relationships.

Of course, there are also things that you must be aware of. Check these out possible consequences:

Dealing with a pet's death. Since kids can become extremely close to their pets, it is vital to help them through the death of a pet with sensitivity and tact.

Some pets may bite small kids or react violently to a kid's attempt to play with it. That’s why it’s very important to choose a pet which is appropriate for your kid's age and temperament.

Some kids are allergic to pets so you should have your kids tested for allergies before bringing home a pet.

Often kids persuade their parents to adopt a pet by promising to care for it. Be reasonable about how much your kids can really keep their promise (considering age, amount of free time and your kid's personality) and be prepared to take over if your kid doesn't follow through.
Data Source: thepetwiki.com

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